Behind the label and beside the designers is a whole corporate team made up of individuals who bear a striking resemblance to the articles they create: young and willing, casual yet rigorous, everyone at Pomandère is a natural ingredient in what is essentially a simple recipe for success. This is a little fashion house with a soul, with a calm, unhurried approach. 

Pomandère is a light and refined pleasure, to wear every time, like a delicate fragrance. Its collections are ruled by a faint sensation that slips under the skin, leaving nevertheless the mark: the fashion can be “different” without founding its uniqueness on excess and provocation. The most successful transgression, indeed, is the soft reinterpretation of classic lines and cuts, a new version, in a contemporary and nonchalant reading, of tailoring habits and vices. Exclusive, natural fabrics are painstakingly styled into distinctive, eye-catching models with a wealth of exquisite detail. Beautiful and feather-light items crafted with care, just like the little linen bags filled with dried flowers and citrus peel that one time used to naturally scent wardrobes: the pomandères.

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