BOTANIKŌ - 15% Glycolic Cleanser

$ 51

BOTANIKŌ 15% AHA Cleanser.
  • This foaming, resurfacing cleanser dissolves impurities instantly, leaving a super matte finish. It contains sebum controlling agents, such as glycolic acid, willow bark extract, lemongrass, and mountain mint hydrosols, offer antibacterial and anti-blemish support throughout the day.
  • This professional-strength aha cleanser assists in the elimination of dead skin cell build-up and help to loosen follicle impactions. Wrinkles are smoothed by the application of glycolic acid, fine lines are diminished, revealing a more youthful-looking skin while clearing acne or pustules. This cleanser does not contain harsh surfactants.
  • For use only on oily, impure, or acne skin types.

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