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Turmeric Vinegar


BOTANIKŌ and Stone Hollow Farmstead Turmeric Vinegar. Drink it. Shoot it. Mix it. Blend it. Spike it. Love it. There’s no wrong way to enjoy this infused ACV teeming with immune-boosting turmeric. This organic apple cider vinegar base gets its flavor-enhancing jolt from organic turmeric root grown on their Harpersville farm. Layering in their signature lemongrass hydrosol, honey, lemon and red pepper gives this vinegar a balance that is only complemented by the addition of garlic, cinnamon, clove, star anise and cardamom. 


Beyond imbibing the daily 2-ounce shot, this golden ACV is perfectly paired with a fruity olive oil to dress your salad greens. We’ve also never said ‘no’ to mixing it with some mineral water and a little vodka or gin. Garnish with lavender and you’ll swear you’re on a spa vacation.


$ 18.00
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