Giorgio Brato

Giorgio Brato is an Italian line that creates timeless leather pieces of the highest quality with a vintage appeal. Designer Giorgio Brato takes inspiration from all over ranging from vintage leather-working to sunsets in the modern metropolis. One of his most influential interests on his work is the effects of time on pieces and thus the individuality created in time. From nicks, scratches, and corrosions Giorgio Brato has set out to create unique, imperfectly perfect pieces of handmade leather-working. Since 2001, he has been world-renowned for utilizing the technique of hand-washed vegetable tanned lamb, making each piece unique and mold to the body like a second skin. 

Taking risks with new leathers such as water snake and unexpected additions such as canvas and silk, Giorgio Brato has created a reimagined take on several vintage classic pieces to give his line a modern twist. This line creates pieces that are essentials meant to last for years and become better with wear.  

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