LA Stein

Born in the Wine Country of Northern California, Lisa Stein began her creative journey while studying graphics and Art History at UCLA. She continued her undergraduate degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she majored in Textile and Fashion Design. Lisa worked in New York for ten years designing knitwear and sportswear. She then moved to Atlanta starting a six year study in metalsmithing and L.A. Stein Jewelry. Her passion for working in the studio was inspired by her love of hand forming and forging 18k gold, and infinitely recyclable metal. This love of hand fabrication led to the birth of her classic diamond-studded hoop. The iconic hoop endures, speaking to the brand’s inherent timelessness. Whimsical with contemporary simplicity, L.A. Stein has since grown into a multifacted collection including precious and semi-precious stones. Lisa is proudly dedicated to the use of conflict-free diamonds.

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